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My Professional Experiences

I am a Human Resources Development Consultant, both on my own brand People&Change and in partnership with  ABI Formazione, Ambire, Finstudi, Formimpresa, IAL Nazionale, GSO Company, ICE-Agenzia per la Promozione all’Estero e l’Internazionalizzazione delle Imprese Italiane, Intesa San Paolo Formazione, Luiss Business School, MCS ASCONS, PromoTer-Confcommercio, Sef Consulting, Studio Paneforte.

My advisory activity relates to planning, coordination, implementation and monitoring of Corporate Coaching (to individuals and teams) and Life Coaching; my activity relates also to Managerial Training on Personal, Team and Organizational Efficacy, Change Management, Engagement and HR innovation (up to now 25.000 people trained), Mentoring (with my own model), to private and public companies, in Italy and abroad. In more detail:

TRAINING: I deploy a last generation training, characterized by conversational dynamics, where participants are the main actors, within working groups where I facilitate discussions, interactions and output.  The main methodologies are: Storytelling, World Café, Learning by Doing and Team Working.  Emotional and Experiential Learning is developed through metaphors such as theater, cinema, short films, cooking, group games

During my career I have trained about 25.000 persons, Managers and employees, in many important italian companies and in some multinational ones.


COACHING: Coaching is a facilitative one-to-one, mutually designed relationship between a professional coach and the client, based on a partnership, in a totally confidential atmosphere.  As a coach, I support the persons in implementing their vision of the future, achieving a specific personal or professional goal, improving the quality of their life and of their work. I look for the authentic qualities of the person, her/his virtues, talents, potential, the vision of their happiness and everything that makes him/her unique.


MENTORING: My job is focused in supporting organizations with the development of persons able to play the role of Mentor, designing and implementing training programs aimed at developing a culture of mentoring in the company, developing the Mentor and Mentee' s role awareness.  Mentoring facilitates Knowledge Sharing, Integration, Diversity Management and stimulates innovation.

The private companies market sectors I have been working for are: Bank, Insurance, Consumer Credit, Telecommunications, RadioTV Industry, Automotive, Informatics, Transport, Renewable Energies, Utilities, Air Transport, Aerospace Industry, Big Organized Distribution, Hospitals, Food, Telemarketing, Fashion, Luxury, Non Profit Associations. Public sectors: Helth, Ministries, Military Forces, Local Governments, Service Bodies.

I created the People & Change Workshop Cycle on: self-development and personal effectiveness; management development; social transformation, happiness and wealth improvement.

During the first 15 years of my career I have been employed at Shell Italia, Peat Marwick, Mitchell & Co (now KPMG), Cominvest Gestioni, Intecs Sistemi.  Last responsibility: Head of Training Dept.

Lecturer/Professor at some Italian Universities and Business Schools: Lecturer of Organization Engagement at Università Roma Tre – Rome, Lecturer of Organizational Behaviors at Luiss Business School – Rome (7 years) and Università del Salento – Lecce (3 years);  Professor of Interpersonal Communication at Link Campus University of Malta – Rome (8 years). Lecturer of Organizational Behaviors at Università "La Sapienza" - Rome, Università Tor Vergata - Rome, and LUMSA - Rome.


I am graduated in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures at the "La Sapienza" University, Rome. Master in Human Resources Expert at Scuola Romana di Psicologia del Lavoro e dell’Organizzazione. Master in Marketing at LUISS Management (now Luiss Business School). Accredited Certified Coach at International Coach Federation. Ultimate Coach accredited at Scuola Italiana di Life and Corporate Coaching. Certified for the use of the questionnaire DISC Classic Questionnaire and Wave Questionnaire at Utilia - HR Tools & Solution.

I am author of several publications and speaker at conferences on topics of Human Resources Development and Change Management.


I am particularly interested in understanding whether the person is ready to think out of the box, to face the occurring great changes and the new scenarios he/she will be coping with. I support people development, to reach effectiveness and implementing the vision of their future.  Building relationships with people is a passion for me and I am motivated to help people discovering their potential.


I love theater, shows and acting, where I often find the same exchange of emotions that makes my job special.